Daily Passive Income, Play & Earn and Artwork Sales

Binance Cash intends to provide a decentralized platform that allows user to earn high interest rates while creating passive income for the community.

Stake & Earn
2% Daily on Binance Cash

The Basic Ecosystem

GrowBNB: This is a decentralized crowdfunding platform that allows users to stake their BNB in order to share 10% of each package sold in that pool.

Safe and Secure


With our staking pool, you can lock our tokens- BCASH- and receive passive income of up to 2% Fixed Daily Returns on Investment or 720% APY. You can earn a 10% direct referral bonus for anyone you connect to our staking platform using your referral link. Finally, you earn 2% of your referrals' profits in the pool.

Instant Exchange

Play and Earn

This section provides community games that allow you to earn more passive revenue as we strive to establish multiple income streams for the community. This includes our Lottery Dapp, which allows you to earn money by participating.

World Coverage

NFT Minting and Market Place

This allows our community to post their artworks and utilize our token as payment. You can also mint NFTs at a lower cost than other platforms and with lower gas expenses.


There will be 100,000,000 BCASH tokens available at launch.

Our token contract features a 15% buy tax and a 25% sell tax, which will be converted to BUSD or BNB and disbursed accordingly:


A. Marketing Wallet: 6%
B. Rewards: 4%
C. Purchase to Burn: 3%
D. Auto LP: 2%


A. Marketing Wallet: 10%
B. Rewards: 8%
C. Purchase to Burn: 4%
D. Auto LP: 3%

Token Metrics

Binance Cash Metrics
Token Name Binance Cash
Ticker BCASH
Blockchain Binance Smart Chain
Token Type Utility
initial Supply 100,000,000
Private Sale(Price) 0.0005 BUSD / 0.0000027 BNB
Public Sale(IDO) 0.0009 BUSD / 0.0000049 BNB
Launch(Price) 0.0013 BUSD / 0.000007 BNB
Circulating Supply 20,000,000 BCASH


Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

Instant Exchange

Instant Withdrawal

Strong Network

Reliable, Tamper-Proof Network

Mobile Apps

Massive Earning Opportunies

Margin Trading

15% Commission on referrals

Frequently Asked Questions

Binance Cash is a decentralized crowd fundraising platform that is powered by smart contracts and runs on a proprietary earning algorithm.
No, it's a one-of-a-kind blockchain project in which all transactions are tracked. Binance Pay was built by Binance smart chain fans and lovers to assist individuals in earning passive money. We plan to offer more amazing and unique DAPPs to help you create even more..

Binance Cash, on the other hand, is a blockchain initiative that stands out. On the Binance Smart Chain, we may claim to be the first of our kind.

Because its structure is so unique, Unahackable, and cannot be controlled, users can earn up to 1000 percent more BNBs in a year.

With our platform, your risk is quite low. If something goes wrong, you only lose 40% of your money. Most platforms have a 100% loss risk, however, ours is different.

BNB (BEP20) is our platform's native token, designed to let you earn more BNB and share it with the community. We have a high prognosis for BNB pricing because it is more steady than most coins.

Due to the decentralized nature of this system, you are identified by your wallet address.

  1. Use Metamask or get a Trust Wallet
  2. Copy the address of your Binance Smart Chain wallet and deposit BNB bep20 into it. (You can purchase via Binance or your local exchange.)
  3. Open your app browser and type in the address of our dapp site.
  4. Link your wallet to your computer
  5. Select a package that suits your needs.
  6. Approve and buy the package, and you're done.
  7. Congratulations, you're now eligible to begin earning.

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